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Regional Health Insurance Funds

The Regional health insurance funds:
·        Participate in the improvement of the Regional Health Map;
·        Prepare the territorial scheme for the obligatory health insurance system;
·        Analyse the health status and the needs for medical and dental care of the population from the corresponding region;
·        Sign contracts with the health care providers within their territory;
·        Exercise medical and financial control on the contracts performance;
·        Participate in the building and maintenance of an integrated national information system of obligatory health insurance;
·        Implement a positive information and media policy at a regional level;
·        Regularly inform the NHIF about their activity;
·        Build up and maintain the municipal offices.

The Municipal offices:
·        Check the documents of the providers of medical and dental care related to insured citizens’ complaints;
·        Register the prescription execution cards of chronically ill people;
·        Prepare monthly reports for the providers of medical and dental care;
·        Submit all the documents to RHIF for subsequent processing and summarising;
·        Determine main production indicators for the medical and dental care providers on the basis of their quarterly reports of work on health priority programmes.
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